To Make a Long Story Short…too late!

Second act of our verbose introductions:

Thank you for anyone who watches our extended first episode. We promise shorter, more focused, & higher quality content.

Off the Beaten Path…

Show notes:

Works in Progress (WIP)
John finished:
Grandma’s Favorite Dishcloth

John is working on:

Boardwalk by Elizabeth Pedersen

Roxanna is working on:
Vanilla Latte Socks by Virginia Rose-Jeanes
Arya’s Gauntlets by Julie Coburn
Half-Circle Shawl by Jennifer Jones
Super Simple Short Socks by Meghann Holcomb

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Your Not Safe with Me

A year ago I walked away from this blog. I have changed so much I feel as though the person who used to blog was a complete stranger.

Allow me then to introduce my 2012 incarnation, I am Roxanna. I am a knitter. I used to make short films. Life has become a bit of a strange transition from student filmmaker to unemployed knitter.
But this is not a pity party. I am going to start a new path, I am planning on turning this blog into a place for my voice, quite literally. In two words, a podcast. Rather a video podcast.

It’s a strange new world but I figure my path back to filmmaking will be paved with far bigger hurdles than being camera shy.

The podcast will start in a few days. Crafty escapades yet to be told.

Best wishes,

*my dog is all nerves


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Strange Days

I am not certain how it happens but one day you look up and you realize that you have lost track of the days.

Much has changed since I last posted to the blog. I gathered up my rabble of knit toys and purses for a December craft show. I was not really certain what would sell.
The last craft show was a harrowing experience. I do not wish that on any crafter.

So I was prepared to keep my guard up. I was not going to let this new crowd get to me. HA! All those worries for nothing. The show was amazing. The vendors were great. We spent a lot of time at the beginning of each day and the end of each day visiting each other’s booths and I am not ashamed to admit I spent a little bit of my hard earned money at their booths.

I had a great response to my toys/dolls. My purses had three different pulls, those interested in the large handbags (the price was a bit of an issue), there was interest in the medium sized bags and all of my tiny bags with zipper pulls sold out!
I was really thrilled. I think the big thing about this show was how sincerely awed the people were over the booth.
I was sharing the booth with a friend and people would crowd around and stop by our booth not once but twice.

It was an empowering experience. I learned a lot at this show.

Since that time I have been working on new techniques, acquiring new yarn, and starting new projects.

I have a lot to show for the time that has passed. I will add some photos of my current works in progress and show some of my finished objects.
I haven’t had the time to update the store but it is hard to rely on the weather for a clear day. Even in AZ.

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Shop Update!

I have been working hard to fill up the shop with some new products.

Its been weeks in the making.

Everything in the shop is on sale. I also lowered my shipping for Cyber Monday.

Since I still have a few more items to list later today I will keep my sale going until Tuesday night.

To see more from my shop just click on this link.

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Its a Good Thing

I have been waiting for two weeks for this day! One of my favorite artitsts released his new album.

I love the genuine story behind his album, which he talks about here on his blog.

I love his first single, The Leave Behind. If you go to the album page you can get a preview.

I have been working a frenzy on several projects. I will take some time to get some new photos. For now I am going to enjoy the new music and get to work.

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As promised I have few snapshots of my work space.

The photos don’t really capture the craft anarchy.

I didn’t want to broadcast my mess.

I have been having fun the last three weeks discovering new techniques and playing with new yarn. This week I complete a few dolls to post online and start sewing linings and totes (more on that later).

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Classy Horror

Sometimes children are creepy. Especially if the children drive their nannies to suicide and cause baboons to attack.

Which brings me to The Omen.

The first time I saw this film I was sure that it would be cheesy and unmemorable.

Boy was I wrong.

The film reminded me of my days of babysitting. I remember the tantrums. The cacophony of screams and babbles. I remember how my body ached to be free from the children.

I remember all of these things because the most significant element of this film is how neither parent is able to bond with their child. He becomes alien to them.

I could sympathize. I didn’t always have a bond to the children.

The horrific things that happen in the film feel plausible. What I mean to suggest is that you could easily watch this film from the view point that both parents are loosing their minds.

What if the child is a healthy normal child of no dark origins. In that instance this film would represent the story of a crumbling family.

It is that doubt that eats away at Gregory Peck’s character. His struggle is what really gives weight to this story. He loves his son.

There are some utterly frightening moments that give this film immediacy.

Take for instance Mrs. Baylock. Her performance was amazing. Somewhere between her clipped responses and her deep voice lurks pure evil.

This is a fantastic movie.

If you want to really question your faith you can look up the story of the making of the movie.

Or watch the documentary on the collector’s disc. There were a lot of ‘fatalities’ and accidents that befell the creators of this film.

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